sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

Acceptance to Singularity University GSP 2010

Yesterday I heard from SU ( that I've been accepted for the next Graduate Studies Program 2010. This turns out to be one of the best things that could have happened to me. I really need to be challenged at this point of my life. I'm at the constant need of significantly contributing to society and this seems to be the perfect opportunity.

Now I shall wait until monday to contact many people in order to raise funds for my participation in the program. I'm confident that I'll get through it. Although I don't know many wealthy companies which could be willing to support me in this goal, I know the path to convince a few among those I know. Basically, I'll offer them my expertise and commitment on engaging them in a few valuable projects that may come out from my participation in GSP'10.

Whatever is the outcome of this, there still gonna be great chances of being awarded a full scholarship from SU and its partners. 

One thing is for certain --- I'll not give up until I get there, in the place that I've dreaming about since a long time with the people who, soon or later, will make the difference in this world by improving the living condition of thousands if not millions or billions of people around the world. I don't only want to be there when this happen, but to be part of it and to see the magic being spread over the ones who need it the most.

More on this exciting news by tomorrow evening.


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Rod Furlan disse...

Congratulations Carlos! See you at Singularity University :)

Rod Furlan
GSP-09 Alum, Teaching Fellow
Singularity University