quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2009

Education: when will it be taken seriously?

While a strong background education is mandatory if one wants to succeed in modern society, it's not enough for fufilling the urge of turnning such society into a cooperative and sustainable one. My main concerns with the way people are being educated nowadays regards to the lack of meta-learning activities in school's curriculums, as well as to the ever-increasing number of lectures and professors who are not fully engaged into the quest of teaching students to think for themselves and to be highly motivated towards the subjects which interest them the most.

Firstly, standard schools don't have disciplines which could offer students any directions on how to learn effectively. Most youngsters face this problem and often give in from trying to properly understand essential topics. As a consequence, there are many professionals who do not quite fill well with highly demanding jobs just because  they miss the "know how" which was lost somewhere in their time as students. This also prevents them to continuously learn after they complete their formal education.

Then, there's the issue of the lack of commitment from teachers with their classes. They should find ways to stimulate learners towards self-learning activities, yet they often do the opposite by focusing their classes on standardized tests and pre-arranged formulas for problem-solving taks which are neither challenging or representative of the real world. Moreover, good classes need context, and this is being totally neglected by today's teachers.

Therefore, by approaching these problems in our educational systems through practical and effective actions at every level, we'll be ready to face the grand challenge of building a better future for the next generations of learners.

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